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Andrew Aarons

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Being a student at Camberwell School of Art from the age of 13 made me draw. Living in Canada for 20 years forced me to look at landscape and the urban scene. I exhibited regularly in Toronto from 1965 and had support from the Prince Arthur Galleries, now unfortunately defunct. My problem was coming to terms with an alien environment. I solved that problem by bringing my Canadian family to England in 1980, where I continue to live, paint and make mezzotints.  

My work has gone through phases of realism–installations and environments, to a form of expressionism. The newer works are to do with the transitory nature of memory. I prefer not to give titles to the paintings but to leave it to the viewers to discover what they find. The images in the paintings are not intended to be of objects.

I want the viewer to be reminded of something they recognise but which they have never seen. A paradox. The recognition is then sustained through that paradox. These paintings are not signposts to something else; nor are they of any thing.