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Being half British, half French, I was born in Paris, Le Marais district. My mother descended from a family of antiques dealers and experts in Islamic art. This allowed me to observe - at a very early age - a world of arabesques. I fell in love with the beauty and colours of the Iznik ceramics from my grand-father boutique. Since very young, painting and drawing was always close to my heart, it was like an inner language, a door to a private universe, which I still found fascinating. 
After learning sculpture, theatre and calligraphy, I knew that I had to find a creative job to be truly fulfilled. In 1990, I went to study Fine Arts at the University of Paris VIII while undertaking also a course in graphic design at Estienne (École supérieure des arts et industries graphiques). After landing a job for a magazine (Terre Sauvage), I began a career as a graphic designer, creating various logos, designs and illustrations. With 30 years of practice, I became an Art Director and Creative lead.

Still, it was not enough to express my own creativity, so I kept painting regularly. As a result, I did several exhibitions in Paris, then in St Albans - UK where I moved in 2006.

My favourite medium of choice are watercolours or inks. In 2018, I started using the two aspects of my creativity, mixing digital with traditional media, in order to transpose my original creations. I enjoyed playing with effects, reverting my visuals in negative to see the "other side" of an image.

Painting for me is a blender of surrealism, art and psychology that open an inner world where we could meet the characters of our unconscious and collective universe.