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Cecile Bredeaux

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Cecile is a young emergent artist born and based in France.

Born in 1995 in Normandy, graduate of beaux-arts Academy of Nantes, she is a workaholic when it comes to photography and video and also in the creation of stories and exploration of unusual ways of showing reality as well as dreams. Her artistic practice tells about herself : human.

She sometimes experiments with flaws but these only make her more assertive. She is an ambitious dreamer who goes beyond received ideas in order to deconstruct them and create her own reality, a new truth. Cecile gives details a spectacular dimension, because it is too easy and too common to decide between the superfluous and the essential.

Cecile is sensitive and pays homage to the living, to those who are sometimes heard but not always listened to and rarely understood. She is a true storyteller, a screenwriter at heart, telling stories from history and creates new relics, giving as much value to individual stories as to Universal History.

She enjoys playing with fire and dancing on a razor's edge. What is dangerous? What brings us the peace ? In the midst of what or who do we live in? Melancholy is part of her soul but she always lets the light shine through behind the blackness
of darkness. She likes the idea that a static image, like a photograph, can create suspense, envelop the viewer, almost engulf him. She wants above all to be a sign of hope, despite an apparent gravity. Deeply convinced that Art is necessary and very useful. It is a universal vector that knows no language or borders that can carry strong messages, represent minorities, offer a voice to the oppressed ...

Each artist is free to choose their cause and to lead their battles, through creation. Her practice evokes what vibrates and what resonates with her, it is deeply sincere and proud of what it represents. It is both anchored in the present and inspired by the past, anchored to the Earth and clinging to the clouds, anchored to the Ones she loves and turned towards the Other.