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Danielle Mano-Bella

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Daniel Mano - Bella ( born in 1993) in Tel-Aviv jaffa an Israeli multi - disciplinary artist.

(Bachelor of Fine Art - BA) .

Graduated from the Department of Art multi - disciplinary Shenkar College .

And a member of the Binyamin Gallery

- Mentor for art students


"As an artist, I examine various questions in my work that deal with identity - self and social. I use the same questions and thoughts in conducting a research process in the material. In such a process of work I arrive at a place where I examine the delicate connections of spirit and matter. In my work I reuse materials that have come out of their "normal" use option and examines a process that gives them new and exceptional functionality.

(Recycled, Russian - detached in their natural form)

The same use of material that is "separate" from its usual definition is integrated into working with the medium of photography. The same encounter between different figures in society who are also subject to a new examination of definition, the same "figures" who are called "the exception" and how they are presented to us in multiplicity in movement and connection.

My work process begins in the medium of photography (in reflection of reality) and then undergoes a disassembly and reassembly process (collage). When I use techniques working with different mediums to create the connection, such as: sculpture, drawing, printing, writing and sewing, etc.

I perform various operations digitally and analogically to assemble one image consisting of multiple such as: 3D photography installation, sculpture on objects that incorporate pieces of photography,

Two-dimensional digital collages. This process involves approaching the spiritual world by engaging in material that combines the study of philosophical theories from Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, and their encounter with the material through the study of the use of reflections of reality (in photography) "complex derivatives" on different materials in an attempt to create new images. Fictional " and which rely on the illusions of memory, emotion and imagination from the shards of reality.

The same images are examined in the physical and digital dimension as another question I would like to ask about the period we are in about the availability and accessibility which seems limitless and the value of the physical material which remains for re-examination."