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Darren Hall

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I am a self taught disabled artist working from my home art studio in Oxfordshire.

I have used art as a therapy first and foremost now and throughout my life. My life and
working life changed following an RTC whilst cycling in 2012. Due to the medical issues
arising from the accident I am now working and selling my art full time.

I was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in 2016. I have a severe brain injury
that was diagnosed in 2019 and severe mobility issues. I would not normally disclose my
situation but my paintings are how I live day to day.

I use my many styles of art to help with much needed distraction from my traumas and
pain. Therefore I do not have a distinctive string to my bow, just a very lucky talent to
adapt to many other styles where and when I need to do so.
I have been painting with acrylics since 2016 and drawing with inks and pencil my whole
life. I struggle to draw at all nowadays so paintings are where I find solace and creativity.
My submissions are all London Cityscapes. I take inspiration from 2 of my favourite artists
styles. L.S Lowry and Henderson Cisz.