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I am researching a woman’s self-awareness, formed through the prism of stereotypes and prejudices that were developed in society. I compare behavior deviation from expected patterns to a glitch effect. Glitch art opposes the digital culture promoting an ideal transmission of the image. The glitch is an inconsistency in the information expected. Social glitch is self-expression through violation of programmed standing orders.

I express the glitch effect through the Central Asian ikat ornament. An ornament is a visual projection of a society. And for me personally it is endowed with special meanings because I grew up in Tashkent, and oriental ornament is part of my aesthetics.

The object of my research is the criteria by which a woman compares herself with others. In my work, I reflect on the relativity of such patterns of consciousness, following which the woman accepts the roles imposed on her and agrees with the proposed assessment of her personal value. My statement accumulates my individual experience, this is the story of my search for my identity.

Under the weight of preconceptions and prejudices, a woman dissolves in her encirclement. But I believe that we are not entitled to give away our values ??to the mercy of someone else's established  opinion. I suggest that women make themselves the object of their own experiential scrutiny. With the help of my creativity, I am focusing the thought of women to the awareness of a burden of social responsibility that stereotyped thinking of the society is placing on them. My goal is to make women to decide what their life should be like. A decision that is free of publicly accepted stereotypes and imposed opinions.

In terms of tradition, I’m an error.
I'm a social glitch.
As a woman, I have violated of programmed standing orders.
I am an inconsistency in the information expected.


Series "Art of Bug"

I am concatenating three symbols:


- Ikat ornament (my identity),

- the glitch effect (which I compare to social change),

- the feminist movement (the engine of these changes).


These three symbols, having a different nature, are reduced to one - the Art of Bug.



2018 - The State Academic Art Institute named after V.I.Surikov,

           Faculty of Painting, Moscow, Russia

2008 - The State University of Management, MBA IT (Master of Business

           Administration in Information Technology), Moscow, Russia

2001 - The State University,

           Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, department Economic Cybernetics, Voronezh, Russia



2019 - Art-residence “Euro Kosova Art”, Pristina, Kosovo

2018 - Art-residence “Apolo Art Colony”, Fier, Albania


Artworks are in museums

UNEAC (National Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba), Matanzas, Cuba

“Museum of Fashion”, Gostiny Dvor, Moscow, Russia


Mentioned in the media

2020 - Interview

Group exhibitions

2020 - International exhibition of Modern Art “Art Week. Woman and society”, Moscow, Russia

2020 - Exhibition project “PRO.METOD”, New Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia

2019 - National Center of Contemporary Art, Minsk, Belarus

2019 - International Symposium of Painting and Sculpture, Shikutimi, Canada

2019 - 8th International Festival EURO KOSOVA ART, Pristina, Kosovo

2019 - Gallery “Myro Gallery”, Thessaloniki, Greece

2019 - Exhibition Center of the St. Petersburg Union of Artists, St. Petersburg, Russia

2019 - International Contemporary Art exhibition “Talent of Russia”, Gostiny Dvor, Moscow, Russia

2018 - Exhibition Hall of the Russian Cultural Center, Budapest, Hungary

2018 - International exhibition-contest "Art Weeks in Beijing", Beijing, China

2018 - Gallery "Vilson Kilica", Fier, Albania

2018 - UNEAC Gallery (National Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba), Matanzas, Cuba

2018 - All-Russian exhibition of Modern Art “Golden Hands of Russia”, Gostiny Dvor, Moscow, Russia

2018 - International exhibition of Modern Art “Art Week”, Moscow, Russia

2018 - Russian-Chinese seasons, PopUp Museum, Moscow, Russia

2018 - Exhibition “We Are Responsible for Taming”, Gallery “Dorothea”, Krasnodar, Russia

2018 - Exhibition “SPORT AND FASHION”, “Museum of Fashion”, Gostiny Dvor, Moscow, Russia

2018 - Exhibition “Symbols of Fashion”, art-director Vyacheslav Zaitsev, Moscow, Russia

2017 - Exhibition-contest of Contemporary Art "Russian Art Week", ART-PLAY, Moscow, Russia

"Glitch“ is translated to "error, crash, bug".

Glitch art is an error raised to the rank of art. The social meaning of this concept is important to me. The destruction of stereotypes, resistance to tradition is a failure of the familiar system, this is a social glitch. It's glitch.

The feminist movement, from the point of view of the patriarchal tradition, is precisely such a system breakdown - a social glitch. The system requires impeccable reproduction of its algorithms, raising the ideal image to the rank of absolute. Feminism rejects the patriarchal interpretation of the ideal. Feminism transforms this bug of conveying the ideal image into the art. The Art of Bug.

Ikat is a method of dyeing silk fabrics. Fabrics with such an ornament are the basis of the national Uzbek costume. And for me - a picture of my childhood, I grew up in Tashkent.

Ikat is traditionally hand made. Hand dyeing, hand weaving. Before the silk threads are threaded into the loom, they are dyed in a special way. The threads are collected in separate bundles and on them tightly corded up those areas that should not be exposed to the dye. Then such bundles are dipped into a container with paint. Even though the individual areas of the filaments are tightly wrapped, liquid ink still seeps a little along the filaments. Therefore, when the strands are dried and the cords are removed, the dyed border is uneven. That on the finished fabric turns into a blurry color transition and a step ornament, characteristic of ikat. Visually, it resembles a glitch effect. ?