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Elise Mendelle

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London-based Elise Mendelle's paintings are about capturing a particular thought, feeling or gesture. The artist urges viewers to look beyond the brushstrokes to anticipate or imagine a narrative associated with each portrait or figure. The works provide a storyboard of human behaviour and emotion. She also enjoys painting commissions and creating memories through meaning and expression.


Elise believes that an artist has a powerful creative voice and message; through her art, she wishes to communicate power through expression and create an understanding of what people go through on a day to day basis. Even if one thinks they know what someone is experiencing, there is often something deeper that will emerge if you look further. This is an important lesson in terms of empathy and support in our modern world, and can be recognised through art.


Elise has exhibited her paintings in Rome, Venice, London and New York.


Instagram: Instagram.com/impressionsbyelise

Facebook: facebook.com/impressionsbyelise