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Emmanuel Linford Adjei

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“My name is Emmanuel Linford Adjei, and I am a painter born in Accra, Ghana. My friends would say that I am artistic, creative and hospitable. I was born to Hannah Brenya and Peter Adjei; they were very disciplined people. I grew up with 5 siblings and I was the third born. During my early years, my parents experienced a breakup ,which led us to live with our granddad. When I got to 5th grade, he died. From then on, I struggled through school.


After junior high school, I worked for a while and attended a technical school with the funds acquired. I chose to study architectural draftsmanship, because of my flair in drawing and art. After 4 years, I graduated from the technical school (Modern School of Draftsmanship). I later worked as a foreman with a company that did fabrication and interior design. Now I work on my own; and from time to time, I practice my God-given talent, which is painting. I paint with acrylic on canvas and my inspiration is derived from my happy moments--I paint when I am happy."