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Enzo Fabbiano

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I was born in Italy, in 1963. I am a self-taught painter, even though as a child I attended at private drawing and pastel school.

In the Eighties, I moved in Tuscani to study and lived there for a few years, Where I met many artists with different backgrounds. From some of them, I received the initial push towards the study and the representation of the human body and nature. I soon started to take part in collective expositions, always receiving praise, from both the public and, especially, from art critics, mainly because of the way I’ve being using colour, at the time termed very “impressionistic”.

I turned toward abstract art in my 40s' pushed by an unconditioned vocation, tireless research and passion, but firstly because of a deep love for a group of Italian painters such as Afro, Scialoja, Perilli and a few others.

I moved to the UK in 2014 and I'm now living in Bristol.