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Eva-Chloe Vazaka

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I am intrigued and driven by the journey from the narrative to the image, this journey guides the exploration of form, colour, perspective and depth in the overlapping consecutive layers. The narrative feeds the different layers of the painting, just as in the conventional way of designing on tracing paper, transporting words onto the canvas. The narrative is constructed much like designing, from observation, to research, to sketching, and finally to testing the proposed solution.

I use printing rollers, and I mix the paint directly on the canvas, the words transcend through the different media and the outcome informs the text. As a response, the narrative is updated and consequently, another layer is created on the canvas. This dialogue eventually concludes.

I was born in Athens and I now live and work in London. My background is in design. I studied architecture and landscape architecture. I begin the exploration by writing a narrative without any other starting point but a glimpse of a mundane point of the ordinary, the everyday.