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George Graziani

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George Graziani is a self-taught Canadian artist based in Ontario, Canada.

George has been painting for over three decades. His work has been exhibited in numerous galleries in Canada, and is included in both corporate and private collections, internationally as well as in Canada. George has been recognized by the Ontario Arts Council, and awarded an Ontario Arts Council Grant. George holds an honors degree in mathematics and philosophy from the University of Toronto. George is also a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries, the Canadian Institute of Actuaries, and an Ironman triathlete.


Artist Philosophy

I believe that Art is a celebration of the human condition; deeply intimate, personal, and yet universal.

A relationship develops between the subject, the artist, and most importantly you, the viewer. The subject, be it a moment in nature, a loved one, or even a concept, moves me with a feeling, an emotion, and it is this feeling I am attempting to convey in my paintings. When, for example, I see my own son Sam absorbed in some activity; looking for treasure, pulling a makeshift raft, or wrestling with homework, I am moved by a feeling of wonder and love. It is this feeling, necessarily personal and private, this silent bearing witness, that I believe is also universal, and shared with you, the viewer, to pick-up, to make your own, a departure for your own unique personal feelings.