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Hisham Echafaki

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Hisham Echafaki is a UK-based visual artist whose body of works focuses on patterns in nature and the animal world.

Self-taught in art and working in oil, acrylic or resin, Hisham’s works often feature surrealist compositions with animals and still-life. His source of inspiration includes vintage scientific illustrations, taxidermy, cabinet of curiosities, animal fables, entomology, patterns in art and the French countryside where he grew up.

Whilst his art evokes a sense of wonderment for nature’s colours and patterns, it often incorporates anthropomorphic and ´trompe-l'oeil ´features that engage the viewer to reflect on our complex relationship with the animal world as well the importance of conservation and protection of the planets rich diversity.

Hisham also paints three-dimensional insects embedded in several layers of resin to give the optical illusion that they were once real specimens. Presented as faux taxidermy the insects often display anthropomorphic features on their wings or bodies with recognizable patterns found in art, design, science or architecture while others are simply more lifelike. Each piece is a tribute to the beautiful intricacy and complexity of the insect world but also a critique of how humans are affecting and shaping evolutionary changes in animal species.