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Iryna Gavryliv

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Iyrna Gavryliv is a naturally born artist work and lives in London, proud to be a Londoner. Her natural ability to create primarily comes from her childhood, desires of creation and love of paints. She has always been in the middle of some sort of painting activities in her early years.

Colourful side of her surroundings, endless greenery and woodlands, nature and indeed the life have always driven her to unknown territories of desires. Sometimes real sometimes surreal but she has always connected to nature which makes the main component of her artistic character.

Iryna Gavryliv is also a freelance illustrator her latest work (The Angel of Christmas) published in February 2019, professional fashion designer and occasional stain glass maker at its best.

Most of her drawings are watercolour pictures, geometric human figures, flowers, animal figures and nature aiming to show the beauty of life.