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Jean David Farre

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What’s your project?
Jean David Farré thinks about the place of Humans in the world through photography. 
Searching emotions with the inverted colours, Jean David Farré tries to lose our bearings: black becomes white, blue, orange…
Shooting instant life, these photos are treated in a negative way and recoloured. This is the “optinegarting”: the negative printing which gives you a positive feeling.
With this negative vision, Jean David Farré reveals an abstract, pure and geometric part of the world around us.
Who are you?
I am a Photography fan, I have been taking pictures since I was 10 years old. I am a Self-made man, inspired by the pioneer of the Magnum Photographs Agency (Cappa and Henri Cartier-Bresson), I’m thinking of instant shots, in live. I like making an atmosphere, a moment, a mood.
The taste for paintings is flying me from the Impressionism of Monet or Gauguin to the abstraction of Miro or Rothko, the surrealism of Dali, the cubism of Picasso, the graphics and geometric construction of Kandinsky, the black of Soulage. The common point is the colour, the construction with lines, the pure, simple or massive aspect. Warhol's work it fascinates me.
I like going within an artwork, be caught up. I like interacting with it.
Before I was taking classical pictures, I specialized myself in 50mm cameras (like the photoreporter). Like Cappa the war photographer said: “If the photo is too large, you need to go deeper in the action”. I like the contact with the scene in front of me, a natural or urban one.
The technique
Using this 50mm camera, I made some shots. I am a fan of painting, I’ve tried & experimented with several techniques: colouring pictures, infra-red position…But the photos did not have enough contrast: so I’ve tried the “negative” position. The result was excellent, it was what I was looking for: unique and non-standard. After this, I have modified the colour too to give a harmonious result. For the printing, of course, I need to choose the plastic because of the Pop Art effect, So I’ve chosen the Plexiglas. With my french printer, we’ve increased the quality bonding to a Dibond plate backside to give more light and density of the colours. An aluminium frame is fixed for the artwork to hang on. 
All the classical Heartside printing are printed in 30 editions (like all the artwork photography) except the Jean David Farré signed series which you can find in the Galleria Balmain.
The artwork is like a real window in your living room, opening up to my world, to your world, to our world.
Special Jean David Farré signed series
The specific Jean David Farré signed one are all unique edition with their own colour. All these printing & unique editions are printed in a 160x160cm size. 
If you like it, take it because it will never be available in these colours again!