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Julio Tapia Gasca

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The monumental sculptures and paintings of JULIO TAPIA GASCA link art with landscape, whether in a natural space or in an urban space, with largescabe sculptural, pictorial or landscape interventions, in a romanesque look at the great civilizations. 

Numerous highways, roads, urban parks, public and private buildings display his monumental sculptures and paintings in Spanish territory. He also does work in a smaller format for galleries and collectors. Many collectors around the world enjoy his works. 

How artist Art-Land  the natural and urban landscape inspires his art. 

JULIO  TAPIA  GASCA was born in Zaragoza, Spain, in 1957. Versatile artist; painter and sculptor. Son of the sculptor JULIO TAPIA DEL CASTILLO, with him he learned the thade of painter and sculptor, in his father's workshop until his death. JULIO  TAPIA  GASCA has his workshop in Zaragoza, Spain, he is professionally dedicated to sculpture and painting. 

In the work of JULIO TAPIA GASCA  you can see a Mediterranean air, especially in his painting, luminous colors born from the sum. In public monumental sculptures he works mainly with corten steel, reinforced concrete and stone. In the smaller sculptures, aimed at galleries and collectors, he works with polished bronze and aluminum and corten steel.  In sculpture its forms are powerful, emerging from the landscape emphatically, and can be figurative or abstract. In his painting the scenes always represent naked men and women, in geometric synthetic anatomy, generally flat colors, luminous colors. It can both represent a girl sunbathing on the terrace of her apartment un New York, as well as boys playing with kites on the beach. 

On YouTube looking for JULIO TAPIA GASCA a presentation of the artistic universe of this artist appears