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Karen Townsend

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I grew up in an alternative existence hippy commune in Brighton but my parents returned to Southend-on-Sea when I was 2. My father was anti establishment and did not encourage education believing we learnt more through play and life. I did receive a scholarship to an elite boarding school in Bishops Stortford but due to missing my family I returned home. 

I have always been obsessed with kinetics how we affect our surroundings and vise versa. Eg movement light weight action and reaction. 

I was catalogued although not exhibited by The Tate Britain in the Contemporary section. 

I practice fine art and worked primarily in oil until life took a turn which meant carrying oils and canvases everywhere was unrealistic so I taught myself watercolours. 

My aims are to represent humanity and other species in my inquisitive nature mostly relying on my observational skills. I remain true to my quests and although I'm aware of present day styles I prefer to lean on retro to vintage mixed with contemporary.

I have studied in depth many artists writers and illustrators through history, and still do. 

I am confident in my chosen skills and my main joy is making children and adults smile giggle or feel nostalgia or positivety and simply to enjoy life and the opportunity it offers us. 

Thank you

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