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Kiki Klimt

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I graduated painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana in 1997.

Three years later I finished my master's degree in sculpture, and in 2009 a doctorate in art. For years I lectured at the Faculty of Design in Ljubljana and as a guest lecturer on Miman Sinar Fine Arts University in Istanbul, also at the National Academy of Fine arts in Sofia, IADE in Lisbon and attended many conferences and symposiums. Now I lecture at Arthouse Ljubljana.

My works were present in galleries in New York, Berlin, Zadar, Split, Genova, Zagreb, Ljubljana, ... I have published nine authors books for children and illustrated many more.

I have been creating my Art in various media: painting, sculpture, installation, performance, conceptual projects, photography, interior design, graphic design and illustration.

I have always been moved by the objectivity of visual language and its connection with the deepest human desire to communicate. After many years of intensive and in-depth research, I realised that my medium can be everything used to narrate and arise in people the exact feeling. For the past seven years I have returned to the roots of my artistic education, to my original love – painting. Last seven years I'm developing a unique way of painting based on ancient knowledge, contemporary science and my own study and experience. Painting with light combines the physical, emotional and rational aspect of painting.