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Kirsteen Titchener

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I am a self-taught photographic artist living and working in Devon, UK.

Trained as a psychologist the need to communicate with words was essential but sometimes the right words could be difficult to find. Often frustrated and unable to find the right language I began exploring how images could communicate complex ideas.

Through the use of digital photography and advanced editing techniques I create award winning contemporary art that is recognisably photography, remains believable, yet cannot be real. These techniques share stories, depict emotions, and express something deep within that cannot always be put into words.

Recent recognition for my work includes:

  • Winner (photomanipulation single image) – 13th Julia Margaret Cameron Awards for Women Photographers (2019)
  • The Royal Photographic Society Visual Art Gold Medal (2018)

1st Place: Photomanipulation – International Photographer of the Year 2017.