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Laura Notari

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Laura Notari is an abstract artist, a public certified accountant and, mother of Josephine. She loves working with acrylics and inks adding different textures like papers, fabrics, and wood, that are inspired and revealing the expressive elements of nature, light, texture, and colors that have a very vibrant vibe.

Laura was born and raised in Argentina and, she is living in The Netherlands. From an early age, she demonstrated an innate artistic talent and continued to bring her creative passion to fruition. She paints to express herself but it’s also important to her to create something pleasing to the eye. Laura Notari works out of her studio in Blaricum, The Netherlands, and teaches and encourages people to get involved in this wonderful world that is being a plastic artist.

She studied Fine Arts at the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague, and during her entire life, she studied with several renowned painters and plastic artists. She is doing courses at MoMA (The Museum of Modern Art). She has been engaged in painting, drawing, glasswork, ceramics, and sculpture during her career. She attempts to understand the world through many artistic expressions. She has a solid awareness of aesthetic taste and experience with diligence hard-work and attention to detail. She is free and intuitive in painting, and she acknowledges that art can change the way we think.