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I am a Ghanaian Contemporary Artist, a resident in Accra.

Growing up in the art studio surrounded by the beauty of immense Art masterpiece my Dad, the late “Williams Sodja Torto” (Carlos), I developed massive skills and enthusiasm for Art and started drawing at age 5 because I always worked next to my Dad in the studio. Apparently I’m Art Blooded. [Born Artist] I  majored in Art at the Vision Art College in Accra-Ghana where I specialized in Painting and T-shirt designing and graduated with a Diploma certificate in Visual Art in 2011, I'm also a member of the Ghana Association of Visual Artists (GAVA). 

I describe myself as a versatile Artist, but I  basically specialize in abstracts. To me, abstract improves my creativity and increases my visual intelligence and equilibrium.

I call my technique “DYNAMISM COCOS NUCIFERA”  because my work  is deeply inspired by the Coconut Tree. Working with acrylics on canvas, I spontaneously express my visions, meditations, experiences, interests, my culture, the beauty of nature and my environs in a Predetermined skillful and artistic dynamism, by using the coconut tree, collaborated with Calabashes, Adinkra symbols, Pots, Horns, Textures, Musical instruments. Shapes, colors and all other elements of design to create beautiful sensual images and illusions that are captivating to the soul, appealing to the eyes and stimulating to the mind.

Over the years I have Exhibited Enormously, from Solo shows to enormous Group Exhibitions and my works have been Collected all over the world, mainly by collectors and Art lovers whose love for Art has an abstract bias.  The United States of America, Australia, Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, Europe. Etc are a few countries my works can be found.

I am Obviously influenced by my Dad, the Late “Mr Williams Sodja Torto” [Carlos] an immense Ghanaian Artist.

What starts out as contemplation soon becomes finessed into a carnival of lust, leaving only a sense of nihilism and the dawn of a new beginning.

I  hope through my artworks, observers curiosity about nature will be nurtured and inspired with a testament of creativity