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Nina Valetova

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Nina Tokhtaman Valetova is a New York based artist. 

Nina is also an award winner of the Premio ALBA 2009, Certificate and Medal, Casa Editrice Alba, Ferrara, Italy in 2009.

Nina is also an American Art Award winner in category "Cubism"  in 2018.

Many of my paintings are in public and private collections in the United States, Denmark, Germany and Russia.

Nina's works explore the relationship between ancient cultures, mythologies, fantasy, metaphysics and philosophy         

Her paintings and drawings cannot be driven into a certain framework of definitions and stamps. In general, Nina's art does not fall into the one category or style. Often each piece is created in several styles, this may be a combination of surrealism, geometric style, suprematism, surrealism with abstract and figurative arts.

Searching new ways in creating art, Nina establishes along with others Synthesis Painting Style in contemporary art.