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Patricia Winders

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Patricia was born in Dublin and now lives in the west of Ireland in Co.Clare. Having always had an interest in Art and Fashion from a young age, she likes all things different. Nothing symmetrical or uniform. Her main love is colour and shapes of different dimensions, splashes of colour and just drawing or painting intuitively. Patricia just likes to go with the flow, what inspires her is vivid colours like in tribal clothing or fabrics or works of art from different ethnic cultures. Also embracing her own Celtic culture with her drawings of swirls and circles. Patricia has learnt her craft under three influential artists in their own right both in Ireland and USA but is mainly self taught.

Patricia uses different techniques in her art, using the pallet knife or acrylic pours, drip painting and also freehand drawn shapes. Patricia tries not to use any instrument that is too precise, like a compass or ruler to make her shapes. Preferring everything to be free form.

Patricia's style of jewellery is still in its infancy and she has started with fused glass again using free formed shapes and different types of glass. She has then explored a different style with clock parts in antique bronze and copper. Giving her love of clocks this jewellery is right up her alley. Patricia has produced a collection of resin and cog parts style jewellery and different styles of earrings and pendants using keys and antique locks. One could liken it to Steampunk style bringing both the masculine and feminine together.

Patricia likes to diversify and her dream is to get her art on clothing and fabrics and other items like shoes and accessories
So she has and hopes to expand into different areas. Patricia named her company Bijii Creative Arts because the style and meaning of the word Bijii which means "Heart" in western apache. Bringing her love of other cultures into her brand. Patricia's passion for her work comes from her heart, hence using the word Bijii.