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Why I Photograph
As a young person, I needed and had to put out there so many things that were stuck inside
me, and very quickly, I realized that I had a different way of seeing the world. I started noticing
that even if there were many people looking at the same thing as me, they weren’t seeing
what I was seeing. Photography became the most realistic representation of my perspective.
Photography blends all the art mediums and I am inspired to create amalgamations of the
dream world with the real. I love the challenge of being able to put onto paper the ideas and
surreal world of my own creation.

My Purpose
When I create a photograph image, I want to engage in a dialogue—to make the viewer feel
something, even if it’s a negative reaction. I appreciate the negative reaction, because I
understand I’ve drawn something out in the viewer: an honest reaction is more potent than an
indifferent one.
I want to be able to convey an inner conversation—an ambience, a vibe— to create curiosity in
the viewer for the lives and moments depicted in my images.

My Method
I prefer to shoot with black and white 35mm film, because I find it’s more honest and direct, at
least for me. I like the mental exercise of having to prepare the picture in your mind first and
do the chain of thoughts necessary to translate the idea into the final work.
Color can be distracting and disruptive of the real intent and emotion I am trying to achieve.
My favorite camera is the Canon EOS 1 RS film camera; it has plenty of functions which allow
me to have more control over the final product.
I love to prepare a playlist and just go and take a walk with my camera and put myself in the
mood: a limbo between voyeurism and participant.

My Path
When I started I wanted to be a war photographer, but in my home country of Portugal, it’s
very difficult to get the connections necessary to achieve that. I was fortunate to get an
internship at a daily newspaper in Portugal which led to my work being published in several
major newspapers and magazines. I began to work more in fashion photography and was
assigned to the fashion weeks that took place in Europe. During the shows, I found that I
always preferred the backstage where I had more freedom to do different things, take more
Photography has been the driving force through all my creative pursuits. My love of music,
music photography and music videos comprise a large part of my work. As a
cinematographer/director for album and DVD covers, I work in collaboration with several
European photography agencies in Portugal and in the UK. The more artistic side of my work is
represented in several countries and in private collections, from Canada, the UK, France,
Netherlands, Australia, China, Portugal, and the United States.
Currently I am living in Lisbon, but who knows what’s next.

February 2021 My artworks exhibited at ArtNumber 23 Gallery
January 2021 My work exhibited at the exhibition at the ArtdocMagazine
January 2021 My first publication as a collaborator at the Ocipreste
November 2020 Launch of the photobook “ Generations” in Trieste,Italy
July 2020 Collective exhibition I Rome
March 2020 Published in EyePhotoMagazine
March 2020 Armory Show in New York
December 2019 Solo show in Lisbon
November 2019 published artwork on photobook “ Ideal city of Leonardo “
November 2019 Trieste Photo days in Italy
June 2019 Group exhibition at a Manhattan gallery
March 2019 NY Affordable Art Fair
December 2018 Scope Art Miami
October 2018 Group exhibition at SOHO Gallery
July 2018 Group exhibition at the Museum of Lisbon
April 2018 Solo exhibition at ADAO
January 2018 Group exhibition of photography, Shair Project, Gallery DST Emergentes,
Braga, Portugal
December 2017 Artfinders catalogue of Artist to see and know
November 2017 Auction for AMI, Foundation, Porto, Portugal
September 2017 MUPIS exhibition, Lisbon, Portugal
2015 Juror's Choice, Shair Project, Gallery DST Emergentes, Braga, Portugal
2015 Group Exhibition, Gallery DST Emergentes, Braga, Portugal
Summer 2014 Exhibition, Life-Framer at Menier Gallery,London
2014 Juror’s Choice, Shair Project
2013 Juror´s Choice, Dark Room Gallery Faces Competition,juror Elisabeth
2013 Special Recognition in Photography & Digital Category, Light Space & Time
Online Gallery
2009 Merit Award, Best Black & White Portfolio Competition, B/W Magazine,
New York