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Samson Johnstephen

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Good fortune to everyone, I'm Samson johnstephen ,a contemporary abstract artist.

There are very few things in life which gives you love ,peace and positivity to everyone.One such beautiful thing that I stumbled upon is contemporary abstract art. I was like a average guy ,who never knew why he studied college or why he went to work .In that robotic life , there came an angel with paints and brushes one day,from that day onwards I started to draw everything I saw right infornt of me , starting from a horse to a cupboard in my room. I fell in love with painting contemporary abstract art . When I start to paint, everything Feels disconnected around me except the canvas. My artwork is result of my subconscious flow of thoughts about the future . My artwork is a outcome of the my positive thoughts and it inflicts positivity with everyone who sees it.I believe that each artwork talks with each person differently, My artworks can show me something different and can show you something else. Government can print N number of currency notes but an artwork can only be one because it's the birthchild of subconscious thoughts,thats the number one reason for collecting and engaging my artworks.