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Samuel Cornillet

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Samuel Cornillet, born in 1974, is a French photographer.

" Unlike some who work hard to become artists, I have become unintentional. Photography captured me without my desire, and that without even realizing it at the beginning. She insidiously took all my available time and it took me five years to realize that I had abandoned all my other artistic activities. "

It is on the sidelines of high school from 1992, year of his first exhibition, he received a solid training provided by three professional photographers in activity. Then, over the years, in constant search of perfection, he will document and experiment with the characteristic bulimia that animates the passionate.

In 1997 he moved to Nantes in France, a city he loves for his quality of life and cultural dynamism. Demanding, he will finally wait for thirteen years of practice before inaugurating in 2005 his studio set up in the heart of the city in a former dance school.

His style is not to master one, but several, with as a common point: rigor and great aesthetic quality. This faculty allows him to distinguish himself by presenting both seductive originality and convincing productions on his ability to adapt to various subjects.

His mastery of composition, frame and light, with his acute sense of speech and emotion, are important features of his photographic approach. The results are appealing and this ability to attract attention makes his work particularly attractive.

Expert in the most demanding photography: studio photography, a skilful combination of technicality and creativity, he is cited as an example in photography schools and his notoriety earns him the trust of prestigious clients.

At the last edition of the communication awards in France, he won the two highest prizes (the global communication prize and the public prize) for a series of artistic nudes, both very aesthetic but also very casual.

Like a David Lachapelle, he evolves in the fields of fashion, advertising and art photography, but his relationship to contemporary art was rather singular until today. Indeed, he did not necessarily seek to sell his productions, he sold them only when a person showed up to buy them. He explains it by saying that it was quite voluntary, that the artistic creation is for him a sort of intimate laboratory, that it is a personal step, which he creates for him.

Until now, he had kept the habit of making his exhibitions in his loft-workshop and to realize his direct sales to his clientele of regulars of collectors and amateurs of art. Nevertheless, he confesses the limits of this peculiarity and changes now. He admits that he must violate his habits if he wants to let his works meet the public: " I now accept not to sequestrate my productions, I will release them and let them live their lives."

Like his photographs of commercials and magazines, his artistic works are sophisticated and often colourful. Samuel Cornillet, an established photographer, always passionate after 27 years of practice, chooses an intense and efficient aesthetic. The mastery of this writing is certainly the mark of maturity.