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Galleria Auctions

Browse through all our current art auction pieces below. For a list of charity listed artworks from our wonderful artists, see this separate list.

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Detached, Zeiko Duka , 2020

Detached forgiveness mdash there is a reduction in negative feelings toward the offender but nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp no reconciliation takes place so live today Remove all blame from...

Estimated value: 2000

Auction art photo

"It is Going to Sunrise", Nina Valetova , 2020

Original Oil on canvas Nina Petrovna Valetova or Nina Tokhtaman Valetova born November 19 1958 is a Russian-American metaphysical realism painter Nina Valetova was born in Berdyash Bashkir Autonomous Soviet...

Estimated value: 22000

Auction art photo

Intermission, Susie Hall

Abstract cityscape painted in acrylics with added texture...

Estimated value: 1080

Auction art photo

Nocturnal Brilliance II , Sreya Gupta , 2020

Acrylic on Canvas A captivating portrayal of an evening garden with Blue Dacnis and blossomed pink Camellias The sheer brilliance of the nature can be seen with the sharp contrast...

Estimated value: 1000