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Untrained Artist wins BP's portrait award 2020

The controversial prize has been won by untrained Artist Jiab Prachakul for 'Night Talk,' of which Thai-born Jiab Prachakul says about the friends she ...

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Is our Creative effort the path to our Future?

We are all wonderful creatures in that we have a flexibility of thinking that got us to the top of the food chain and beyond…well we did land on ...

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Why would you buy Art anyway?

When what you need right now is a Covid test kit and to really kick that inertia into the middle of next least..yeah, if that rings your bell, ...

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Galleria Balmain is a source of new and exciting Art from across the fine arts spectrum. An online curator based in London to introduce European and global artists also promoting individual emerging artists for you to discover. We offer their guaranteed original work for purchase.

Continually searching, actively encouraging new and individual talent to enhance your appreciation of the artists unique fine art.

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Why buy art online?

From booking holidays to comparing insurance a whole lot of life takes place online today.

We aim to facilitate discovering and buying the art you love on the internet, our trusted online shop is designed to reassure, working with galleries to make sure you know and trust what you're investing in, before you buy.

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Buying art and products from Galleria Balmain is straightforward as we deal with the artists, galleries and publishers directly.

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