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Untrained Artist wins BP's portrait award 2020

The controversial prize has been won by untrained Artist Jiab Prachakul for 'Night Talk,' of which Thai-born Jiab Prachakul says about the friends she painted "We are all outsiders, and their friendship has offered me a ground on where I can stand and embrace my own identity." Is both a poignant and sad comment from a young Artist who started painting in 2008, after seeing a David Hockney exhibition in London.

The fact that she has gone on to win a major prize selected from 1,981 entries, by Artists in 69 countries, is surely a cause of great celebration? Though Jiab's comment seems more a reflection of a younger generation Artists, disaffected by an Art world more mired in the controversy about a sponsor than the fantastic piece created? It's almost as if the Artists work is dismissed because the politics and issues around the sponsor are a bigger more important issue?

It's a real pity we can't all stand in front of 'Night Talk,' which for viral reasons is in lock down! We would then see an Artists great and brave depiction of the younger generation in sombre and reflective mood, perhaps bewildered by the Art market or corporate world in general?

To me this great work says they should not to be 'outsiders' and I hope they 'embrace their own identity.' As this wonderful Artist might also have intended and as she should undoubtedly be known. Forget the controversy, celebrate the Art and the Artist....that's after all, what it's really and should be about?