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Is our Creative effort the path to our Future?

We are all wonderful creatures in that we have a flexibility of thinking that got us to the top of the food chain and beyond…well we did land on the moon!


This ‘flexibility’ is however a two edged sword and on the one hand is ‘fixed thinking’ based our perceptions, belief and experiences, while on the other hand is ‘growth thinking’ where the potential is not only unknown, it’s also unknowable and you may have heard it as ‘blue sky thinking’ before now. In truth we have the ability of both, so I would ask you how many times you have talked yourself out of something, or thought it was too hard a problem to solve even, or not gone with your instinct at times?

I know I have, and that only sends me into reverse and more fixed thinking…. you know, more or less a cul de sac for the mind and actually stopping my development? I’m not in fact using my intelligence to create a future, I’m turning away from it because I don’t believe I have the answers, or can think of them any time soon! Does that work at all?


Growth as a word has many connotations depending on the situation it’s used to describe, though ‘growth thinking’ is almost specifically about your passion, effort and training to develop the future. Yes it can be argued I don’t have the intelligence or the talent to achieve growth thinking and that would stop me in my tracks. I’d be left behind. I already know for me that’s not true, as there is now a big job to do for our future, I’m really not going to handicap myself with limits anytime soon!


What I will do most definitely is open my mind to the creative possibilities that are available to us all, and got us from the cave to the Moon and back…..that is a huge effort for the creature that has been on the planet the shortest time! It’s an adventure, it’s unknown and unlimited. It’s certainly not without effort but then nothing worth having is? 


The effort put towards growth thinking will be wonderfully creative and it’s surely a better future….what say you?