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Why would you buy Art anyway?

When what you need right now is a Covid test kit and to really kick that inertia into the middle of next year...at least..yeah, if that rings your bell, well wake up and smell the coffee!

In conversation with several of our Artists this week, who have all had different takes on what ails the current position/situation to sell Art, and now fragmented/dysfunctional like everything, Art market...if that's what it has actually become, who knows. So if we are all going to hell in a handcart, why buy Art anyway? Well I for one would rather go to hell surrounded by beauty and wonder than any other way, or any other thing, frankly!

In our throw away and mass produced world the question has to be asked just what is worth having now, well Art is certainly that and always has been. What got crated up and hidden in the last war? What has been secreted away in vaults, not even seeing the light of day until traded on an auction floor...for many times more than it started out at? What is relentlessly collected? What is unique...and fabulous?

I know I need a hanger...why? Well not for the Lear I don't have, or want, it's for the amount of Art I'd dearly love to spend my days just gazing at...and why not, if I could own that much, I'd die a happy man....why? Well simply because, if above all things said and believed about Art, there is one truth.....The beauty of Art endures, if you love what you see, buy it and cherish it always.

How do we know this? It has always been so... when it first started in the cave, its a fact that you can still see it, love it and cherish it always.