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Interview With Artist Armando Alemdar Ara

1. Who are you and what do you do?

I am an artist, art historian and art teacher. I have co-founded an art movement, Neomodernism, which espouses spiritual qualities in Art. I draw and paint abstract figurative art but at times I like to dabble in impressionistic landscapes.


2. Why do you do what you do?

I create art in order to express how I experience the world. I genuinely believe in the existence of spiritual energy that is within and around us: I try to depict that energy in my art.


3. What is your dream project?

To exhibit at a National Gallery in an exhibition entitled Art and Spirit.


4. Who are your biggest influences?

Reading philosophy, mythology and poetry has remained my biggest source of inspiration throughout the years. In terms of artist influences, I love and respect all kinds of art so it is difficult to name actual influences. However, Surrealism was an early influence, followed by artists such as Rodin, Von Stuck, Munch, Titian, Rubens, Schiele and Bacon. Ancient Greek Art and its pursuit of ideal beauty as later further expanded by the Renaissance and German Idealist philosophy in Northern Europe, have been my intellectual stimulus and have consequently filtered through into my artworks. 

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5. What’s your favourite artwork?

The Kiss of the Sphynx by F. Von Stuck – it hangs in the National Gallery, Budapest. When I first encountered this majestic painting I was rooted to the spot and did not move for the whole afternoon.


6. How has your practice change over time?

As expected, I have come to abstraction gradually. In recent years however, I have taken some steps back to more figurative elements. Although I may go back to complete abstraction, I am really enjoying this period as I can re-examine all aspects of composition, form and content.


7. What art best represents the 'now'?

Some art represents the ‘now’ regardless of when it was created. Some art goes beyond the period in which it was created, it is timeless. Therefore, I am not sure if I would want art to only represent the ‘now’, I would rather art representing the timeless.


8. What do you think of Art as NFTs?

I heard about this recently, I am open to the idea as it sounds like it might be another way of artists earning through their art, although it does sound like it could be a method that could be easily trapped into money-laundering schemes. I would like to learn more about NFTs.

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