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Armando Alemdar Ara

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Armando Alemdar-Ara is an artist and co-founder of Neomodernism, an artistic movement that places particular importance upon the aesthetic and spiritual attributes of painting. Neomodernism aims to create a new link between the art of the 15th and 20th centuries and transcend the media ‘hype’ which now surrounds old master paintings.

From this artistic philosophy, Armando has created a body of work that draws on the inner spirituality of his Sufi background. The world he presents in his paintings is unique, creating the image of an inner world in continuous movement. His paintings present harmonious, flowing forms, but also powerful tensions, conflicts and breakthroughs; complexity and simplicity, hope, contrasting improvisations, overlapping shadows and parallel dimensions. He aims to strike a balance between the subjective and objective, the Absolute and the more conceptual and personal interest of more recent years. In this way, Armando’s optimism and holistic way of thinking are made transparent to the viewer through the mastery of his technique and his subtle uses of colour.