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Namita Yogesh Panchal

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The professional Artist Namita Panchal adorable trees fascination is reflected in her landscape
paintings. The Indian landscapes forms the basis of her paintings. The composition mainly
drawn from memory and visuals collected through travelling.

During the MA Painting degree in England she created a series on "Naturescapes". The series
of paintings travel through four seasons and two cultures.
Season creates an enormous change in nature. The colours of Autumn, foggy and gloomy days
of winter, emerging beauty of spring and summer vibes, all this possess very distinct notion.
She paints along with the seasons to capture the essence of the present time.
Her artworks depicts the beauty of seasons is enhanced by the mingling of both English and
Indian cultures. Her work demonstrates how cultures can intermingle with each other through
colour, form and visualisation.
Currently, She is running an art business “Sublime Arts”, based in India.

What is “Naturescapes”?
“Naturescapes” means where nature is in terms of landscapes, its changing nature, and the
nature of my ways of seeing it. The landscape consists trees, mountains and other subjects of
land. Whereas, the Naturescape is a broader view of the landscape. It often involves humans,
animals and objects to express the inner feelings being a part of nature.
Change is the foremost nature of the landscape. It is constantly caused by seasons, light and
many other factors. Furthermore, naturescape even reveals the true beauty of the landscapes.
The imagination, aesthetics and truth shapes the nature of the landscape on the canvas.
Then, how to realise the true form of the landscape?
The true form is the one which is realised through aesthetics. When a person watches the tree
beyond any particular reason such as to know its identity, rather he cherishes the vision,
watches for pleasure and tries to connect with nature, Then only a viewer can aesthetically
relish the true form of the tree. Being honest with the self, when the artist paints the tree’s
impression which is formed the inside, its true form can be expressed on canvas. Whether it is
a landscape or anything else.

What is your process of painting?
I prepare a painting like a project. I paint lots of layers for which I use glazing technique, Bengal
wash technique and many more. This layers makes the painting rich and increase the depth.
Applying Oil over acrylic paint is a very amazing technique. It is widely used among

What is unique about my artworks?
My painting composition contains the whole world. Due to the presence ‘Panchtatva’ which
means five basic elements of nature - water, land, sky, fire and ether. These five elements hold
a great significance in Indian culture. The whole world is made from Panchtatva. All these
elements exist in my painting in the form of colour, shape and form.
Thereby, my paintings are three dimensional. The objects in the painting appear to shift its
angle along with the viewer when he/she moves from one side of the painting to another.
Whether it is an object, person, eyes of the figure, it moves. This is very unique thing in my
painting. It has the immense depth inside as well as outside as the object come out of the
canvas. Although the paintings are not photogenic, it is beyond realism.