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Ollie Holman

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Hi, I’m Ollie Holman, I am a UK artist based in Yorkshire, where I sell original Artwork and
take on commissions throughout the country and soon worldwide. From an early age,
I’ve been making sculptures, and before then I was obsessed with capturing the
3-dimensional form.

I make sculptures and designer pieces, that mainly specialize in steel fabrication as the
strong, almost limitless fluid abilities appeal to me and my ideas. My subject matter
varies from large scale horses to linear animals and figurative wall pieces.
The proportions of my work also reach differing sizes, from smaller mantle pieces to my
largest piece to date. A 12ft rearing Stallion made out of horseshoes which now proudly

stands in the prestigious horse racing grounds of Cheltenham Racecourse, I’m
in the process and currently making a second rearing horse.

I constantly seek to push myself and my art to new possibilities, whilst never settling for a
particular style, instead, my differing themes help to challenge and inspire one another.
I have a strong core passion for creating, to the point where I see no other options, then
earning a wealthy healthy career making beautiful inspiring artwork for the world to enjoy
and share.