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Patricia Winders

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Patricia Winders – Artist at heart….of all things.

‘From the beginning when searching and finally settling on ‘Bijii Creative Arts’ as my company name and vehicle for the abstract and eclectic creative output I can and do produce, it all came from the ‘heart.’ The word ‘Bijii’ is Western Apache, meaning ‘heart’ and shows my love for all things other cultural, or the fact that my passion for the creative work involved comes from the heart, my Patricia Bijii, if you like?

I’m native of and born in Dublin, Ireland and now living in Co Clare, the opposite side to Dublin, where I feel I can express myself further. Liking all things different as I do, I always had a very strong interest in Art and Fashion, I’m mainly self-taught. The creative drive was always there even if the ability to express it was not allowed or life got in the way, not that anything has ever stopped me. 

My Artistic expression has always gravitated toward the ‘different,’ nothing uniform, be it the use of colour and shapes of differing dimensions. I use splashes of colour, drawing and painting intuitively to bring the concept to life, its free flow creativity. A huge inspiration is the vivid colour in tribal dress, works of Art from different ethnic cultures and fabrics in general. I love to embrace my own Celtic culture, drawing the swirls and circles of life as they portrayed it. I learned my techniques and craft under the tutelage of three influential Artists in their own right both in Ireland and the USA.

I use many different techniques in my Artwork, palette knife, acrylic pours, drip painting and free hand drawing creating the shapes. I avoid using drawing instruments that are too precise such as a compass or ruler to make the shapes, much preferring free form.

My latest innovation is in jewellery, is still experimentative and in its infancy. I’ve started using fused glass and free form shapes from the different types of glass as the material. In juxtaposition to this is my steampunk range created from antique clock parts, both bronze and brass to create pendants and earrings, timeless jewellery that echo’s both the masculine and feminine elements together.

This is the beginning and I hope to expand into different areas as soon as possible, fabric, clothing, shoes and accessories would be nice work, what do you think?'