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Renata Alves, known as Renata Kallahari, Plastic Artist and Photographer.
I currently live in Brazil, in the city of Rio de Janeiro, art entered my life and had the role of rebuilding me! I have depression and anxiety, so as an escape valve, I used occupational therapy as a cure for my crises. Thus, expressing everything I feel through painting.


Do you only make abstract canvases?

No, I draw too. And the funny thing is that it was through drawing that I started to get involved in the art world. I won first place, winning the drawing contest twice for a carnival block. However, abstract art enchants me! Because it fully expresses the artist's freedom, feeling and expression, leaving him free to imagine and feel what he wants in front of  work of art.

When you declare about "the feelings", what do you mean by that?

Art and of the feeling go hand in hand.
As much as we try to deny it and make it impossible, there is no way to consider the hypothesis that in art there is no one drop of feeling. Because it is extremely necessary, in my view to feel some sentiment to consolidate the work of art.Because, incredible as it may seem, it is possible to discover the sensation that the artist was feeling when painting the picture. Not only for the colors chosen, but also for the style of the design and the name.

How important is art in your life?

I can guarantee that art is my base today, without it I can no longer find the real me. To summarize better, I have a phrase that I repeat as a mantra almost every day.
“I breathe art, I live art, I am also art! Because only she is able to heal and transform people. After all, art heals! "