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Creating Community & Working Together

It’s the case that we all think about work in a different and increasingly isolated way now.

How long this will go on for is anyone’s guess, the jury is out for however long it takes to find the answer. Already there is the type of hardship that working people last faced during the war and actually the situation is really no different. Solitary working people such as Artists who though they’re resilient and capable in dealing with any kind of situation, are faced with a particular set of problems when it comes to the business end, and actually selling their wonderful work. All the traditional routes to market are now shut off, unless you have a limitless supply of collectors, who want to buy. The one remaining channel is the Net, it could feel like a conspiracy but for the fact that the Covid virus is very real and not going away anytime soon.

Here at Galleria Balmain our plans for 2020 are in tatters and so we were faced with no alternative, other than to change what we do and how we do it. Already the production schedule for planned changes to our Art Platform, which already had started to roll out, have been changed.

We have fast tracked tools which will help our Artists and build data for what is and what is not working in this daily changing/evolving environment. This blog post is one of those tools and I would invite anyone who knows what’s working to contact us and continue the network of positive working initiatives for all Artists? The same goes for what is not working, so that none of us waste time or money when both are in such short supply. In the coming weeks you will see our efforts unfold and our new way of working begin. This is the real power of the Internet, working for you and for all. If you believe we can and we will overcome the problems that face us and help others towards that, then we will overcome whatever the CV has in store for us going forward.

Our best wishes to stay well, please contact us, with whatever you believe will help everyone’s future.